Make up tip

Daca vrei ca machiajul tau sa reziste mult si bine, aplica peste el spray fixativ pentru par ! Initial am fost reticenta cand mi-a recomandat o prietena sa fac acest lucru, m-am gandit ca fata va deveni lipicioasa, imobila si se va irita. Nici pomeneala de asa ceva ! Machiajul rezista, nu curge, se indeparteaza usor cu demachiant si orice discomfort resimtit de ten dispare in cateva secunde dupa aplicare.

Exista fixative speciale de machiaj, insa pentru ca acestea sunt mai scumpe decat cele de par si se gasesc mai greu, va recomand sa incercati acest truc si sa imi spuneti daca a functionat si la voi ! Totusi nu e recomandat sa abuzati de acest truc si sa il folositi zilnic.

If you want your make up be to long lasting, apply fixing hairspray over it ! At first I was reserved when a friend recommended this, I thought my face will become sticky, still and will get irritated. No such thing ! The make up holds, doesn’t drip, and you get if off easily with a cleasing product and any sort  of discomfort felt by the skin goes away in seconds after application.

There are fixing sprays especially for make up, but because these are more expensive than hairsprays and are harder to find, I recommend you try this tip and tell me if it worked for you too ! Yet it is not recommended to abuse of this trick and use it daily.



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